Importing and Exporting from China

Shipping products from China to the United States can be a complicated and costly process. We take the guess work out of negotiations and logistics, making it simple to secure the best rates with the best carriers.

SVI Global is your experienced global shipping partner. After your product is completed in manufacturing, we help your business secure long-term shipping contracts. We understand that Chinese shipping logistics can be complicated and oftentimes intimidating. For that reason, we are proud to act as your agent, helping you navigate all of your Chinese tax, labor law, copyright, patent, trademark, and international import/export regulation needs. Our extensive expertise in Chinese manufacturing and shipping means that doing business in China could not be any easier.

Importing containers from China

If you are looking to import or export products through the Chinese market, it is important to partner with an experienced operator. Our team has years of experience helping our clients with complicated shipping contract negotiations. Due to the sheer volume of containers that we help our clients ship each year, we are able to negotiate some of the most favorable rates in the business. We also handle brokerage services for our clients, as well as any US–bound shipping logistical issues that face your business.

No matter the needs of your project, our experienced team of over 50 merchandise experts can help make sure it goes smoothly.  We specialize in understanding the unique needs and requirements of US and Canadian retailers. Our warehouses are also available for in/out consolidation services, as needed.

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